Fried Rice🌶

Here is a very simplified fried rice recipe,this method is by far the best method i have ever tried,it always works . It was made with chicken wings,since a lot of readers from facebook ask what i do with the meat i steam after the stock is extracted,i’ve decided to do two recipes in one post,with this pictorial you’ll learn another way you can enjoy meat other than frying it after steaming. Happy cooking!

🌶Wash your rice in hot water



🌶Rinse with cold water and strain



🍅Season your meat with:
🌶Seasoning cubes
🌶Then boil
🌶You might want to add some more seasoning to yours but note that you won’t enjoy over seasoned fried rice




🌶Pick out the meat and save the stock



🌶Mix the stock and rice together
I added some white pepper,salt and another seasoning cube to it,
Then a little more water for cooking
I didn’t add additional curry for coloring,the curry from the meat stock was enough,you might add turmeric or curry to color yours.


🌶When it’s cooked ,set it aside while it cools


🌶Season and cook some liver or gizzards,I use liver when I cook mine
You might use the same spices listed above ,excluding the curry




🌶Some people choose to fry their liver,some roast,while some just leave it that way
I pan grill mine


🌶Then I dice them


🍅Vegetables for frying the rice
🌶Kidney beans
🌶Sweet corn
🌶String beans
🌶Spring onions

12974510_545665285608315_2502928134871539689_n (1)

🌶Heat up some vegetable oil and some butter
In frying rice you do not need a deep cooking pot
Use a wok or a pan,if you have non use a shallow pot


🍅Add first….
🌶String beans
🌶Spring onions





🌶Then just a bit of soy sauce and salt


🌶Finally add the liver and kidney beans
I add them last because
Kidney beans become mashed up in the process of stirring
Liver could become soft and crumbly



🌶Add the rice
Do it bit by bit
Do not throw it all in
You need to be sure the vegetables you have in the wok wont be too scanty for the rice
Taste for salt and add some pepper if you must
Sometimes I add half of 1 seasoning cube to make it tastier,but only when I feel it’s needed



🌶Continue the process till your rice is all fried



🌶For the steamed wings;

After you’ve extracted the stock. .
Put the wings in a bowl and add…
🍗Black pepper
🍗Tomato ketchup
🍗Cranberry syrup(or honey)
🍗Paprika powde


🍗Mix in the ingredients


🍗Place in an oven proof dish
🍗Add some butter
🍗Slice in some onions
🍗And bake in the oven at high
🍗The wings will come out so juicy you might just bite a finger when tasting 😉





8 thoughts on “Fried Rice🌶”

  1. So I made this fried rice and my husband hasn’t been happier. The beef sauce is next!
    Yes, I’m here. I’m stalking you Erin


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