Prawn Sauce🍤


🍤Fresh Prawns

🍤Bell peppers


🍤Oyster sauce

🍤Prawn stock cube


🍤White or any chilli pepper

🍤Corn starch



🍤Spring onions

🍤Some oil

🍤Blend the ginger and garlic with some oil

🍤Marinate the prawns in the blended ingredients

🍤Add salt,Oyster sauce and the chopped spring onions to the marinated prawns

🍤Heat up a sauce pan

🍤Add the marinated prawns

🍤Cook till prawns turn orange

🍤Add the vegetables

🍤Add the prawn stock cube and chilli/white pepper

🍤Dissolve some cornstarch in water and add to the sauce (1 tablespoon to 250 ml water)

🍤Add some more water for cooking 

🍤Taste for salt

🍤Bring to a boil

🍤Easy ,yummy ,and quick 👌👌👌


7 thoughts on “Prawn Sauce🍤”

  1. hi i just wanted to know if the oyster sauce is a must and what i can use to substitute it.. also can i substitute prawn cube for knorr or something? thank you


  2. I just made mine today and my family love it they keep asking for more.. thank you so much for sharing this recipe.


  3. Thumbs up, but where do one get stuffs like corn starch, and oyster sauce, and I also think you should always call the ingredients what we know them locally as,maybe in parentheses at least, like the bell pepper should be tatase I believe…well that is if you are a Nigerian

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