Goat meat pepper soup 🍖


🍃Ingredients :

🍅700 grams goat meat

🍅2 tablespoons crayfish

🍅1 prawn stock cube

🍅1/2 teaspoon salt

🍅Njangsa (the tiny yellow seeds)

🍅Calabash nutmegs

🍅Scent leaves


🍅1 medium onion

🍅Chilli pepper

🍅Water for steaming

🍅Wash the goat meat

🍅Steam the meat until it is tender (this might take an hour or more,considering how tough the meat is)

🍅Dice the onion

🍅Grind the Calabash nutmegs and njangsa seeds

🍅Wash and grind the crayfish and peppers

🍅Add all the ingredients in no particular order

🍅But the scent leaf comes last

🍅Always make sure the water level is the same as your meat or slightly above

🍅After you’ve added the ingredients steam meat for 15 more minutes to infuse the spices

🍅Then add the scent leaves and turn off the heat



14 thoughts on “Goat meat pepper soup 🍖”

  1. Erinma, pls a friend just shared your page on facebook and I saw your page and liked it. All your recipes are marvelous. What i want to know is, do you have any recipe book for sale? If you don’t have pls do one now cos i can’t wait to buy one. Thx for your efforts.

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