Moi moi (Bean Pudding)🌶



🌶600 grams beans

🌶40 grams crayfish

🌶800 ml water for blending

🌶300 ml hot water for mixing

🌶2 knorr cubes

🌶1 Maggi chicken cube

🌶2 or 3 large red bell peppers or paprika

🌶Some salt

🌶1 tin of tuna or sardine

🌶Hard boiled eggs

🌶A tiny piece of ginger

🌶3 small onions

🌶100 ml vegetable oil

🌶Chilli pepper



🌶Soak the beans for 24 hours in cold water

🌶Peel :

🌶You can rub the soaked beans with your bare hands to peel;

🌶You can use a pestle and mortar ;

🌶Or you can use a food processor👉Attach the dough blade,pour in some of the soaked beans and add some water,mix for 30 seconds 👇

🌶Until the husks  come off

🌶Drain the water from the beans ,keep adding water and and draining until you’re left with clean husk free beans👇

🌶Core the bell peppers, cut the onions and scrape the ginger👇

🌶It’s important to place the beans in a sieve before blending, so that you don’t add too much water to the bean batter. 

🌶Place half of the beans in a jug blender

🌶Add 400 ml water


🌶Add half of the red bell peppers,chilli and onions


🌶Add half of the crayfish and ginger

🌶Add some of the tuna/sardine

🌶Blend to make a smooth paste 

🌶Repeat the process again until you’ve turned the entire beans into batter 👇

🌶Add the seasoning cubes 

🌶Add salt

🌶Add vegetable oil


🌶Pour in the hot water


🌶Pour batter into aluminium bowls 

🌶Garnish with boiled eggs (you can also use corned beef,minced meat,mashed fish,prawns)

🌶Preheat the oven to 250°c 

🌶Place on an oven tray

🌶Pour some water into the tray to help the steaming process

🌶Cover with a foil paper and bake for 1 hour 👇

🌶Alternatively, you can line a pot with 2 layers of foil paper and steam the moi moi batter

🌶After an hour in the oven 👇



23 thoughts on “Moi moi (Bean Pudding)🌶”

  1. Your method looks really easy and I will be trying it.
    Plus I’m always excited meeting another Nigerian on the german blogosphere!!!! Lol if that last part is even a word!


      1. hi your doing a great job pls in would also love to join your WhatsApp group . God bless yu


  2. Looks great. I’m gonna try it out next time I make moin moin. Pls, how do I gain access to your other recipes? Happy new Year!!!


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