Pasta Salad 🌽


🍅Cooked pasta (salted)

🍅Diced cucumber

🍅Diced tomato

🍅Diced carrots (salted & steamed)


🍅Sweet corn

🍅Ham or hotdogs


🍅Evaporated milk

🍅Salad herbs

🍅Apple  cider vinegar



🍅Place mayonnaise and milk in a bowl

🍅Add some vinegar

🍅Add salt and the salad herb


🌽(You may add sugar if you’d like yours sweet,I don’t add sugar to mine)🌽

🍅Add the pasta


🍅Add the veggies

🍅Add the ham/hotdogs

🍅Mix all ingredients together

🍅Taste for salt



8 thoughts on “Pasta Salad 🌽”

  1. Ur dishes are amazing and the cooking instructions are straightforward and easy to follow. Thanks to you, I can make puff balls perfectly, meat pie wonderfully and fried rice deliciously. I actually anticipate your posts on Facebook and here. As a matter of fact, I initiated some friends into hunting your recipes and we can’t seem to get enough. Please don’t stop. Keeping doing what gives you joy, keeping in mind that this gives a million others more joy.

    With Love
    A Cameroonian Foodie😘


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