Stir fry pasta with chicken balls🍝

🍅300 grams spaghetti

🍅350 grams chicken

🍅Shredded zucchini

🍅Shredded carrots

🍅Red cabbage


🍅Fresh tomatoes

🍅Bean sprouts

🍅Scotch bonnet pepper

🍅Fresh ginger

🍅Fresh garlic


🍅15 ml Soy sauce

🍅4 tablespoons corn starch

🍅Coriander leaves

🍅1/2 teaspoon ginger powder

🍅1 teaspoon white pepper

🍅1 teaspoon onion powder

🍅80 grams butter
🍅Salt and steam pasta

🍅Drain the water and place in a sieve

🍅Mix minced chicken with coriander leaves,salt, white pepper,onion powder, ginger powder and corn starch

🍅Mould into balls

🍅Heat up some butter

🍅Place the chicken balls in the pan and cook gently on low heat (for 10 minutes,tossing them around in the pan)

🍅Crush the scotch bonnet peppers,fresh ginger and garlic

🍅Add to the chicken

🍅Stir (cook for 5 minutes )(still on low heat)

🍅Add tomatoes

🍅Cook for 10 minutes (on medium heat)

🍅Add tha spaghetti + soy sauce

🍅Stir(for about 4 minutes)

🍅Then add the veggies

🍅Taste for salt

🍅Yummy 😋😋




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