Ofe Nsala Oguta 🍅




🍅Goat meat or old layer chicken
🍅Knorr cubes
🍅Chilli pepper


🌶Steam the meat
🌶Season with diced onions,salt and Knorr cubes
🌶Puree tomatoes and pepper and add to the boiling meat
🌶Boil some yam(do not salt)peel and pound
🌶When the meat is tender ..
🌶Add some of the pounded yam to the boiling soup to thicken it
🌶Let it boil till the yam dissolves and (the yam may not dissolve entirely)

🍖yummy 😋😋


11 thoughts on “Ofe Nsala Oguta 🍅”

    1. Hi Patience,recipes are tweaked all the time,I haven’t tried cocoyam with this soup, but if the reason why you ask is that you cannot find any yam vendors (assuming youre not in Africa)then you can try cocoyam,guaranteed it won’t taste the same,yam actually gives it a distinct taste. If you can find yam,use it,if you can’t,then maybe you can try cocoyam, but it’s not the Oguta way ☺


  1. I love your recipes because they are simple and easy to follow. The pictures also are a guiding tool just in case we are not sure about the outcome the pictures help a lot. Keep up the good work.


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