Buttermilk Doughnuts🍩



🍩500 grams all purpose flour

🍩65 grams sugar

🍩50 grams butter

🍩2 levelled tablespoons active dry  yeast

🍩1/2 teaspoon salt

🍩1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

🍩Vanilla or butterscotch essence/flavour/extract

🍩1 large egg

🍩200 ml buttermilk

🍩50 ml warm water


🍩Place the flour in a large bowl

🍩Add sugar

🍩Add nutmeg & salt

🍩Stir to combine all ingredients

🍩Make a hole at the centre, And set aside

🍩Warm up the water

🍩Add the yeast


🍩Cover up with a saucer or aluminium foil sheet

🍩And place in a warm place

🍩While you’re waiting for the yeast to proof

🍩Pour the buttermilk into a bowl

🍩Crack the egg

🍩Add to the buttermilk


🍩Melt the butter

🍩Add to the wet mixture

🍩Add the vanilla/ butterscotch essence

🍩Whisk again

🍩After 10 minutes the yeast should be ready

🍩Pour the yeast mixture into the dry ingredients

🍩Pour in the Butter/  Egg/ Buttermilk mixture

🍩Use a wooden spatula to mix in all ingredients

🍩To form a dough (Which may be a bit tacky?

🍩Sprinkle some flour on a smooth kneading board and place the dough on top

🍩Knead until it becomes smooth

🍩Place the dough back into the bowl

🍩Cover with a foil paper

🍩And place in a warm place to rise for about 45 minutes

🍩After 45 minutes 👇

🍩To shape your doughnuts

🍩Sprinkle some flour on your kneading board

🍩Mould dough into tiny balls

🍩To make the holes 👇

🍩Follow the steps till you get it all done

🍩Cover it again with a waxed paper this time(to prevent it from sticking) for about 15 minutes

🍩After 15 minutes


🍩Heat up some oil

🍩Doughtnuts are best fried over low-medium heat

🍩Fry till they’re golden brown

🍩Set them aside to cool

🍩For the topping👇

🍩You’ll be needing

🍩150 grams icing sugar

🍩5 tablespoons of buttermilk

🍩Crushed nuts/berries/ coconut shavings/ chocolate shavings/ Oreos  (your choice)

🍩Place the icing sugar in a bowl

🍩Add the buttermilk


🍩Follow the steps below👇



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