Oven cooked chicken stew🌶


🍅2 Chicken thighs

🍅1 large Mango

🍅2 table spoons Soy sauce


🍅Scotch bonnet peppers (Or any chilli pepper of choice)

🍅3 large Tomatoes

🍅1 table spoon Paprika powder

🍅1 teaspoon Coriander powder


🍅1 tablespoon Onion powder

🍅A tiny piece of Fresh  Ginger

🍅3 cloves of Fresh garlic

🍅2 large Paprikas


🍗Blend the paprika, chilli,mango,ginger,garlic with about 50 ml water to make a puree
🍗Mix with all other ingredients
🍗See photos 👇
🍗Bake in the oven for an hour @ 250°C(Or longer)



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