Strawberry frozen yoghurt 🍓



🍓150 Frozen Strawberries

🍓125 grams unsweetened vanilla yoghurt

🍃(Add 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla Extract To 125 unsweetened yoghurt and blend)🍃

🍓1 tablespoon Stevia  👉shop here

🍓Place all ingredients in a food processor ,attach the sabatier blade and mix till the ingredients are smooth
🍓Turn mixture into a bowl,cover and freeze👍

🍓Healthy and delicious 😋


10 thoughts on “Strawberry frozen yoghurt 🍓”

  1. Wow Erinma,thanks so much for sharing,you are an inspiration to alot of women,you do not know how u’ve impacted lives.Thanks again.


  2. I’m looking forward to summer to have my healthy ice cream, thanks for sharing as always. You’re an inspiration.


  3. Looking forward to Summer to make my healthy ice cream. You’re indeed an inspiration. Thanks for sharing as always.


    1. Try this,buy over ripe strawberries,do not freeze them,wash and puree with a fork,add the other ingredients and mix vigorously with a wooden spatula,then freeze ☺


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