Mushroom Cream sauce 🍄

Here’s my twist on the mushroom cream sauce.

I absolutely love mushrooms and apart from adding it to my stir fries, this is another way I enjoy it.

Although my kids totally hate it😁 I still force them to eat it.

Usually Mushroom Cream sauce would have heavy cream as one of the ingredients, but i substituted unskimmed liquid milk for heavy cream, considering the fact that majority of my blog visitors reside in Nigeria, hence may find it difficult finding heavy cream.

If you’re a mum and would want to try out this meal for your kids, blend some mushrooms like I did, just to give the sauce a proper ‘Mushroomy’ taste 😁😁 and also get the kids to eat their mushrooms even after they’ve picked out the visible bits.

For some people who enjoy spicy good, this sauce might taste bland. You can add some chicken broth , but if you over season the sauce it will loose the natural taste of mushroom.

Vegetarians can substitute coconut milk for milk/cream as well I’ve tried it before and it tasted great.

Ingredients and steps are captioned in the video.

I’d love to read feedbacks


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